Chandigarh Rethink

by Manu Sobti ed.

New Book of Changes: The Way of China and Its Urbanization

by Duanfang Lu

The Routledge Companion to Contemporary Architectural History

by Duanfang Lu

Riverine Landscapes, Urbanity and Conflict: Narratives from East and West

by Manu Sobti ed.

Architectural Theorisations and Phenomena in Asia

by Francis Chia-Hui Lin

Smooth as Silk: heritage diplomacy and the new Silk Roads of the 21 st century

byTim Winter

Architecture on the Borderline: Boundary Politics and Built Space

by Anoma Pieris



Swk Architect_BOOK-Cover.jpg

The History of Architecture in Sarawak Before Malaysia

by John Ting



City Unsilenced_FAW edit.jpg

City Unsilenced: Urban Resistance and Public Space in the Age of Shrinking Democracy

by Jeffrey Hou & Sabinie Knierbein



Genealogy of Tropical Architecture.jpg

A Genealogy of Tropical Architecture: Colonial Networks, Nature and Technoscience

by Jiat-Hwee Chang


Messy Urbanism: Understanding the ‘Other’ Cities of Asia

by Manish Chalana & Jeffrey Hou

Visual Cultures of the Ethnic Chinese in Indonesia.jpg

Visual Cultures of the Ethnic Chinese in Indonesia

by Abidin Kusno

People’s Spaces: Coping Familiarizing, Creating

by Nihal Perera

Indigenous Cultural Centers and Museums. An Illustrated International Survey

by Anoma Pieris

Mapping Chinese Rangoon: Place and Nation among the Sino-Burmese

by Jayde Roberts


Asian Cinema and the Use of Space.jpg

Asian Cinema and the Use of Space: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

by Lilian Chee & Edna Lim

Assembling the Centre.jpg

Assembling the Centre: Architecture for Indigenous Cultures. Australia and Beyond

by Janet McGaw & Anoma Pieris

heteroglossic asia_Cover.jpg

Heteroglossic Asia: The Transformation of Urban Taiwan

by Francis Chia-Hui Lin

Now Urbanism: The Future City is Here

by Jeffrey Hou, Ben Spencer, Thaisa Way, & Ken Yocom 




Indigenous Place: Contemporary Buildings, Landmarks and Places of Significance in South East Australia and Beyond

by Anoma Pieris, Naomi Tootel, Fiona Johnson, Janet McGaw & Rueben Berg

Digital archetypes.jpg

Digital archetypes : adaptations of early temple architecture in South and Southeast Asia

by Sambit Datta & David Beynon



Architecture and Nationalism in Sri Lanka.jpg

Architecture and Nationalism in Sri Lanka: The trouser under the cloth

by Anoma Pieris

Transforming Asian Cities: Intellectual impasse, Asianizing space, and emerging translocalities

by Nihal Perera and Wing-Shing Tang

after the new order space politics and jakarta.jpg

After the New Order: Space, Politics and Jakarta

by Abidin Kusno

Shanghai Expo: An International Forum on the Future of Cities

by Tim Winter

Home + Bound

by Lilian Chee


Transcultural Cities: Border Crossing and Placemaking

by Jeffrey Hou



Routledge Handbook of Heritage in Asia.jpg

Routledge Handbook of Heritage in Asia

by Patrick Daly & Tim Winter



A Joint Enterprise.jpeg

A Joint Enterprise: Indian Elites and the Making of British Bombay

by Preeti Chopra

Non West Modernist Past.jpg

Non West Modernist Past: On Architecture & Modernities

by Jiat-Hwee Chang and William S.W. Lim

Remaking Chinese Urban Form.jpg

Remaking Chinese Urban Form

by Duanfang Lu

Third World Modernism.jpg

Third World Modernism

by Duanfang Lu


The Appearances of Memory .jpg

The Appearances of Memory

by Abidin Kusno


Insurgent Public Space: Guerrilla Urbanism and the Remaking of Contemporary Cities

by Jeffrey Hou



Asia on Tour Exploring the rise of Asian tourism.jpg

Asia on Tour: Exploring the rise of Asian tourism

by Tim Winter, Peggy Teo & T.C. Chang

Hidden Hands and Divided Landscapes A Penal History of Singapore's Plural Socie.jpg

Hidden Hands and Divided Landscapes: A Penal History of Singapore's Plural Society

by Anoma Pieris



PostConflict Heritage, Postcolonial Tourism.jpg

Post-Conflict Heritage, Postcolonial Tourism: Culture, Politics and Development at Angkor

by Tim Winter



The Scaffolding of Empire

by Peter Scriver

Building Merdeka.jpg

Building Merdeka: Independence Architecture in Kuala Lumpur, 1957-1966

by Chee Kien Lai

Imagining Modernity- The Architecture of Valentine Gunasekara.png

Imagining Modernity: The Architecture of Valentine Gunasekara

by Anoma Pieris

Colonial Modernities.jpg

Colonial Modernities: Building, Dwelling and Architecture in British India and Ceylon

by Peter Scriver & Vikramaditya Prakash


Remaking Chinese Urban Form.jpg

Third World Modernism

by Duanfang Lu

Expressions of Cambodia
The Politics of Tradition, Identity and Change

by Leakthina Chau-Pech Ollier (Ed), & Tim Winter



Behind the Postcolonial.jpg

Behind the Postcolonial: Architecture, Urban Space and Political Cultures in Indonesia

by Abidin Kusno



Decolonising Ceylon

by Nihal Perera




Society and Space

by Nihal Perera



Decolonising Ceylon

by Peter Scriver & Vikram Bhatt