ACHS (Image  ©  ACHS)

ACHS (Image © ACHS)


ACHS was formed in the early 2010s via conversations and meetings between academics based in Australia, Sweden and the UK. In its initial phase of development it received support from the University of Gothenburg and the Australian National University. It has also received ongoing support from the International Journal of Heritage Studies.


Society of architectural historians australia and New zealand (SAHANZ)

Since its inception in 1984 the Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand (SAHANZ) has held annual conferences, which usually include a triple-stream programme, invited keynote speakers and a field-trip. In 1989 the society started its journal, Fabrications, which now appears as two refereed issues per year. For further information on the early history of the society, see Anne Neale's Background Notes about the History of SAHANZ and Julia Gatley's 2004 article on 'SAHANZ: The First 20 Years, 1984-2004'.

Indonesia Forum (Image  ©  Indonesia Forum)

Indonesia Forum (Image © Indonesia Forum)

Indonesia Forum (IF)

Formed in 1991, the Indonesia Forum (IF), previously known as the Indonesia Interest Group, is an informal and open network of academics and administrative staff of the University who share a common interest and professional involvement in Indonesia. Members keep in touch by e-mail and hold meetings, seminars and discussions. For the past ten years the IF has hosted major functions which have brought together the wider Melbourne Indonesian and campus-based Indonesia-interested communities. The Forum also plays a policy advisory role on Indonesia-related issues within the University and works closely with the Asia Institute  and with Indonesian students and students studying in Indonesia-related areas. In 1999 the Forum arranged its first postgraduate roundtable for students studying in Indonesia-related fields.