We are opening up a new space on our website for iconic sites in Asia, to draw attention to unusual and interesting places not covered by tourism itineraries that have significance and historic meanings that might be uncovered through our specialist interests. Our objective is to offer a different expression of the iconic based on our association’s key interests.

We hope that you will be willing to lead with a contribution each comprising:

  • a one page description complete with reference/s (350 words)
  • your name,
  • preferred theme,
  • one medium resolution image (approx. 750 kb) with copyright to you or permission to use, for us to upload.

Possible themes to explore:

  • Border zones
  • Colonial heritage
  • Dark tourism
  • Environmental heritage
  • Great streets
  • High-rise housing
  • Indigenous heritage
  • Industrial landscapes
  • Informal settlements
  • Nation building
  • National capitals
  • Penal heritage
  • Post disaster housing
  • Religious monuments
  • Urban Art
  • Urban markets
  • War memory

We hope to draw attention to our association through this activity and will treat your contribution as a continuing investment in our online community. Please submit your contributions & questions to Anoma Piers. Exemplar available upon request.